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Our live video webcam feed is kindly
sponsored by the leading Helicopter
Pilot Training PPL(H) instructor at
Gloucestershire Airport - James Kenwright.
You can contact James for:
PPLH Training
Or 01242 252143 07900 680859
Gloucester Staverton Airport
Gloucestershire GL51 6SR



Helicopter Flights at Gloucestershire Airport

Helicopter pilot’s licence PPL(H) training instructor and helicopter gift pleasure flights from Staverton, Gloucestershire airport.

jk-helicopter-trainingJames Kenwright Helicopter Training

Helicopter trial lessons and Helicopter pilot’s licence training instructor at Gloucestershire airport

We will show you how to learn to fly a helicopter- We are CAA accredited with excellent helicopter training courses for private pilots, flight training, and night rating training.

Based at Gloucestershire Airport, Staverton, we have over 27 years expertise in helping pilots to pass their PPL(H), Type Rating, Night Rating, CPL(H) and have many happy people who can recommend us as “highly skilled, quality helicopter training instructors”.

Mobile: 07900 680859

So what is so special about my helicopter pilot training instructor courses?

You have probably been looking at glossy helicopter websites and trying to decide which Helicopter company to use. After all a lot of them do look the same so it is difficult to pick one out. Who can you trust your hard earned money with especially if you are contemplating a PPL(H) or CPL(H), which involves a significant financial outlay?

I have been training helicopter pilots for 27 years operating from many different airports in the South of England and have over 10,000 hours helicopter time. You are in safe hands and will get quality flight training, whilst having fantastic fun with it. This also applies to the trial lesson/gift voucher flights where I will ensure you or your loved one has a fabulous time.

If you are contemplating a PPL(H) or CPL(H) my advice to those who are eagerly comparing prices is to remember that chief pilots (with all the experience) are often too busy to fly with you. You only have to add two hours unnecessary extra flight time due to being bounced around more junior instructors and the £10 to £20 rate difference is then irrelevant. Course completion hours can vary widely depending on who is looking after you!

Please don’t just take my word for this- please have a look at what some of my successful helicopter students have kindly said about my helicopter training courses and also read some of the benefits of helicopter flying.

With JK Helicopter Training you will get through all the courses in the hours that truly reflect your ability. You will not do one hour more than you need to. No messing about.