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Our live video webcam feed is kindly
sponsored by the leading Helicopter
Pilot Training PPL(H) instructor at
Gloucestershire Airport - James Kenwright.
You can contact James for:
PPLH Training
Or 01242 252143 07900 680859
Gloucester Staverton Airport
Gloucestershire GL51 6SR


Glos Airport webcam on Visit Gloucestershire

Our Glos Airport Webcam is now featured on the Visit Gloucestershire website.

Our Glos Airport Webcam is now featured on the Visit Gloucestershire website.

The Visit Gloucestershire Portal was created by a local man who is intensely proud of the county and his home town of Gloucester. It started when he first started his company and was then SoftData and Virtual Gloucester. For those of you who would like a laugh and a bit of nostalgia you can still see the site on the Way Back Machine in May 1998 which is when first crawled the site.

Since then the site has gone through many updates until it now sits on it’s own domain that you see now. The current site consists of many pages about the county, Old Gloucester, Gloucester history, Forums for personal and business use, Streaming videos and our famous Gloucestershire Directory

The busiest sections are the forums and the directory. If you have any interest in the county at all, whether it is business or personal then our forums are for you.

The link can be found at:

And is an indication of our own growing success.

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