Another trainee helicopter pilot has passed his flying test PPLH at the South West’s leading helicopter training flying school.

Another trainee helicopter pilot has passed his flying test PPLH at the South West's leading training flying school.

James Dobbin is delighted to have passed his PPL(H) Private Pilots Licence (Helicopter) with the James Kenwright Helicopter Flight Training- the South West’s leading helicopter pilot training flying school.

The James Kenwright Helicopter flying school is one of the leading helicopter training centres in the UK.

We will show you how to learn to fly a helicopter- we are CAA accredited with excellent helicopter training courses for private pilots, flight training, and night rating training.

Based at Staverton Gloucestershire Airport we have over 28 years expertise in helping pilots to pass their PPL(H), Type Rating, Night Rating, CPL(H) and have many happy people who can recommend us as “highly skilled, quality helicopter training instructors“.

Helicopter pilot’s licence PPL(H) training instructor and helicopter gift pleasure flights from Staverton, Gloucestershire airport. He also trains helicopter pilots from Avon, Bath, Bristol, Birmingham, Cardiff, Hereford, Oxon and Worcs.

Do these credentials inspire confidence in his ability to help you qualify for a helicopter licence? If so please ring him now on 07900 680859 or please click on the learn more button. Either way he’ll happy to answer any questions which you might have.

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